“I had prityasis rosea on my upper body and around my neck. I knew that my body is trying to say something.
This skin condition started in middle of december 2018.
I was also felt so powerless, negative, lost
I felt straight it is not about my skin it is about something else emotional.
I felt already healed simply just following Barbara’s step by step guidance.
Her style is light, uplifting and straight forward…and her voice!!! simply just listening to her heals me and makes me feel I am protected and loved.
It felt very easy to talk about my issue with Barbara and she connected me in such a high level and understood me completely.
She supported me emotionally during and after the whole session, which is one of the most important things for me.
I felt very light, calm and my full body was buzzing. My skin condition is getting much better, I feel empowered and recharged!
She is absolutely amazing!”

“Barbara is a lovely, bubbly person to work with. Highly intuitive and has an excellent understanding of human behaviour and psychology , which she integrates into her coaching practice. Barbara has a real skill for building rapport to make you feel safe and comfortable in sessions. ….Having received intuitive coaching sessions with Barbara, I have found that her advice is profoundly accurate and she has a really gentle, loving, supportive and fun way to deliver information.
She is an amazingly talented coach and I would be happy to work with her again….”

Raspreet Sagoo
Medical Intuitive – Transformational Soul Coach – Pharmacist
“Barbara is the most joyful person who radiates her beautiful life energy and wisdom to people around her. I have always been amazed at her confident, relaxed and caring approach when I had sessions with her. This creates a trusting and safe environment for a client. Further, her creative and out of the box approach brings fun and joy even to the most challenging issues and fills your hearth with hope and excitement. Whether you are looking for a coach for your business, your team or for yourself, you can always count on Barbara’s practical and intuitive skills to turn dreams and desires into plans and actions . I have worked with Barbara on business related goals as well as personal challenges at life. What else can you expect from a coach? All who choose to work with Barbara, go and celebrate your choice! Life will be more beautiful from now on!”

Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen, MBA
Founder of Evrim Ozgen Personal Growth& Healing Coach
“I was feeling anxious and nervous in relation to a romantic situation these last couple of months, I had a conversation with the person and I didn’t handle it too well, but my proud and fear stopped me to resolve it with pure love. When I talked to Barbara she helped me to understand that I control my own life and I’m the one who’s creating every situation. She highlighted that we have something to learn every time we feel stuck, and we discovered the roots of this fear that has been holding me back.
After this session I connected with this person in a way I never did before because my whole energy changed! Since the session with Barbara not only mine, but the energy of this connection is much lighter and smoother. I’m so grateful for it!”

Account Executive