Fierce Beauty – Holistic Dance Workshops

The Fierce Beauty – Holistic Dance Workshops are in-depth journeys into our femininity through the power of sound and movement.

The aim of the workshop is to give you an overall understanding on how to release locked up energy and limiting physical and emotional blocks that are standing in the way of self-fulfilment.

With various exercises you’ll get to open up the power centres, the chakras to rejuvenate the body, to boost creativity and the ability to express your emotions in one of the most beautiful and sacred ways of all, through telling a story with your moves.

By re-connecting to your body’s wisdom you become more aware of the infinite possibilities the world has on offer for you and more importantly the amazing power that resides within to create your reality.

The importance of close relationships on women`s health

Throughout history women and girls spent much more time together than in our modern age, forming a supportive and loving community where they shared everyday duties and their lives. The power of togetherness and support allowed them to grow and heal both individually and as a group, which contributed to build and maintain strong and balanced family lives in the greater society.

As the characteristics of the world we live in have completely changed, women`s role in nourishing beloved ones and providing emotionally, spiritually and physically for their families remained the same. With the changed structures of the modern age families live more isolated, leaving it`s members with less opportunity to get together and support each other on a regular basis. The lack of social-emotional support can lead to a variety of mental health, and later physical imbalances. A study of 309,000 participants, as published by the Harvard Medical School found that lack of strong relationships amongst middle age people increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%. This effect of risk is equivalent to smoking 10-20 cigarettes a day, and is greater then obesity or physical inactivity.

On the other hand, the presence of strong peer relationships have countless health benefits. Connecting with others triggers the release of stress-reducing hormones , that improves gut and cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system and regulates the insulin level.

Building satisfying relationships, joining a group of like-minded people, making new friends, or dedicating more and/or quality time on existing friendships can save the day when it comes to overall mental and physical health.

With our monthly dance and movement workshops our aim is to celebrate the power of togetherness and to support each other in reconnecting to the infinite feminine wisdom.

If you would like to find out more about taking your everyday well-being to the next level and being part of a group of amazing women, dedicated to life-transformation and self-healing, click here.