Barbi Honlapra

Barbara is a qualified psychologist (MA), MBPsS, with an integrative approach to working with her clients. Drawing on the humanistic and transpersonal principles, she is supporting her clients to embrace their inner wisdom to overcome challenges and succeed. She is incorporating tools from mindfulness, cutting edge techniques from neuro-science, energy coaching and subconscious re-programming into her work.

Paramount to facilitating positive change with her clients, is Barbara’s mastery in creating an environment in which they can discover and transform their blocks and barriers, so they can create new beliefs and behaviours.

Barbara is passionate about working with women to help them discover and embrace the power of femininity in a world where they can feel pressured to not be themselves and portray masculine behaviours to make it in the business world. She offers bespoke programmes and packages to reduce anxiety and mood disorders, support the fertility journey and psychosexual issues, help with eating disorders, body image and self-esteem.

In addition to working with clients individually, Barbara offers holistic wellness seminars, workshops and group coaching programmes.